Cycls: Generative SDK for your Chat App


Cycls is a lightweight python framework that enables developers to instantly ship and share AI chat-apps without dealing with frontend development.

Key Features

  1. Simplified Development: Prioritize AI logic, skip the frontend hassle.

  2. Effortless Publishing: Quickly launch multiple AI chat-apps.

  3. Instant Sharing: Share your apps with public URLs.

  4. Insights and Analytics: Gain valuable insights to boost app performance.

  5. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Supports web, with future expansion to mobile and other chat platforms.

  6. Multimodal Input/Output: Growing support for various data types for improved interactivity.

For more details, visit Cycls.

Possible Integrations

Cycls is compatible with all Python programs, popular models, and frameworks such as:

Webchat Frontend

Cycls comes with a webchat frontend that you can use out of the box.